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The Perfect Set

British Pro Rods by CozyDrum

CozyDrum Rods are professional, custom made rods that are individually made to order to the highest standard. Each pair is handmade with passion and skill to produce the perfect set in both weight and appearance.

We source the best wood using durable Bamboo and Birch dowels whilst developing new designs to keep up with today’s modern drummer.

I provide high-end quality rods at a fraction of the cost of the big, established, mass-produced brands, providing drummers with a one to one service, from design and manufacturing to delivery.

The whole CozyDrum range comes in many colour combinations; you can choose a single colour or design your own colour combination to produce your own individual pair, unique to you.

Quality checks are carried out on every stick that is ordered to maintain very high customer satisfaction. Currently there are a few sticking alternatives in the CozyDrum range to cover all styles of music. Take a look at our online shop to order.


What I’ve been after with rods is a consistent sound and feel, these do not disappoint. They do not come apart like ones I’ve had previously. Great value for money. Highly recommended.

I agree with the other reviewer, these are far and away the best balanced Hot Rods I've ever used. They're equivalent to a 7A stick so feel narrow and light in the hand - perfect for light work but they also go very loud when needed. The most remarkable thing is that they bring out the best in the drums and don't sound like normal HotRods which choke the skins. Maybe it's something to do with the bevelled edges but my DWs sing with these. Highly recommended.

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